FCC Grants Partial Waiver of Sim-Swap, Port-Out Fraud Compliance Deadlines


The FCC’s Wireline Competition Bureau has granted in part and denied in part a request to modify the compliance deadlines for rules adopted in the recent SIM Swap and Port-Out Fraud Order, which established rules requiring wireless providers to implement fraud-reduction measures, including secure customer authentication methods and employee training.  The rules originally set differing compliance deadlines based on whether OMB review was required under the PRA.  Rules that required review were set to take effect after completion of the review.  Rules that did not would take effect on July 8, 2024.  In June 2024, multiple trade associations requested an extension of all compliance deadlines until March 10, 2025, or until after OMB completes their review.  WCB has denied the request for a longer extension but has granted the extension of all deadlines until after OMB completes its necessary review.

WCB acknowledged a substantive relationship between some rules that are and are not subject to OMB review and found the petitioners had demonstrated that a single timeframe was in the public interest.  WCB also noted that OMB approval is not likely until at least late November 2024.

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