FCC Releases Fifth Progress Report on Reimbursement Program


The FCC has sent a fifth Report to Congress, summarizing the current progress of the Reimbursement Program.  The FCC discussed is implementation procedures in carrying out the program as well as described how recipients of the program are progressing, via their filed Status Updates.

Of note, the FCC announced that the total number of filed final certifications has increased to 14 out of 126 applications.  The final certifications signal that the Reimbursement Program participant has completed its removal, replacement, and disposal process.  Additionally, the FCC reported that 40 percent of recipients have indicated that they cannot complete their removal, replacement, and disposal process without full funding. The FCC has also granted 70 completion deadline extension requests to date.

The FCC found that recipients are experiencing five main challenges: (1) lack of full funding; (2) supply chain delays; (3) labor shortages; (4) weather-related challenges; and (5) extended review times in the processing of requests for reimbursement.

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