Absolutely No Wi-Fi Blocking, Says FCC in (Literally) Bold Warning


The FCC has issued an Enforcement Advisory emphatically reminding hotels, convention centers and any other commercial establishments that blocking the personal Wi-Fi hotspots of wireless consumers is strictly prohibited. This advisory follows the FCC’s recent enforcement action and $600,000 fine against Marriott for blocking guests’ Wi-Fi hotspots at a Marriott property.  Marriott had also filed a petition to convince the FCC that hotels should be able to block Wi-Fi hotspots in its conference spaces to prevent cyberattacks or service disruptions on the hotel’s own Wi-Fi network, though Marriott later backed off from its position when the petition triggered a backlash of opposition from consumers, Google, Microsoft and others.  Marriott has stated that it will no longer block Wi-Fi hotspots in its properties.

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