AT&T Must Start Honoring Lower 700 MHz Interoperability Commitments


The FCC has released an Order of Modification that modifies AT&T’s Lower 700 MHz B and C Block licenses consistent with the Commission’s earlier 700 MHz Interoperability Order released in October of 2013.  The 700 MHz Interoperability Order formalized an “industry solution,” designed to establish interoperable LTE throughout the Lower 700 MHz Band, which was voluntarily put forth by various industry players, including AT&T, DISH Network, the Competitive Carriers Association and various Lower 700 MHz Band A Block licensees.  As part of the 700 MHz Interoperability Order, AT&T was subject to a subsequent FCC order modifying all of its B and C Block licenses.  Specifically, this Order of Modification relates to various proactive steps that AT&T must take to:  (1) deploy Multi-Frequency Band Indicator (MFBI) software in its network equipment; and (2) transition all of its mobile devices to include LTE Band Class 12.  It will take several years for all of AT&T’s software and hardware commitments to become effective so that Band Class 12 becomes ubiquitous and the de facto standard for the Lower 700 MHz Band.  All of the AT&T license modifications became effective upon the release of the Commission’s recent order.

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