Auction 105 Qualified Bidders Get July 17-21 Mock Auction Dates


The FCC’s Office of Economics and Analytics and Wireless Telecommunications Bureau (Bureaus) have announced the 271 qualified bidders to participate in the Citizens Broadband Radio Service  Priority Access License auction (Auction 105) starting July 23, 2020. To help prepare for bidding—including some mechanisms and features updated for Auction 105 such as the new clock auction bidding system and the activity upper limit—the Bureaus have assigned varying mock auction dates for each qualified bidder between Friday, July 17 and Tuesday, July 21, 2020. The mock auction schedule is available on the FCC’s Auction 105 website. In order to participate in a mock auction and Auction 105, qualified bidders will need to have received their registration materials and bidding tokens from the FCC by overnight delivery. Any qualified bidders that have not received such materials by July 14 are encouraged to contact the Auctions Hotline at (717) 338-2868.

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