Biden Reveals FY 23 Proposed Budget Including Increased Funding for Rural Broadband and Emerging Technologies


President Biden has released his proposed budget for fiscal year 2023, which includes increased funding for broadband, rural communities, and emerging technologies.  Specifically, Biden’s budget proposes the following initiatives: (1) $625 million for the Rural Utilities Service’s broadband programs; (2) $67.6 million for increased salaries and expenses at the National Telecommunications and Information Administration; (3) $13 million for advanced communications research and engineering; (4) a $187 million increase in funding for research initiatives at the National Institute of Standards and Technology; (5) $600 million for the ReConnect Program; (6) $25 million to help rural providers refinance their debt and upgrade their networks; and (7) $690 million to support expanded broadband deployment in rural communities.

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