Commission Seeks Nominations for FCC-Native Nations Broadband Task Force


Created in March 2011, the FCC-Native Nations Broadband Task Force is composed of senior FCC staff and elected or appointed leaders from federally-recognized Tribal governments or governmental entities. The Task Force is responsible for: assisting in developing and executing the Commission’s consultation policy; eliciting input from Tribal governments; ensuring that Tribal concerns are considered in all Commission proceedings related to broadband; developing additional recommendations for promoting broadband deployment and adoption on Tribal lands; and coordinating with external entities like federal departments and agencies. The Commission plans to “reinvigorate” the Task Force by filling vacancies, increase representation of certain regions, and balance the subject matter expertise of the Task Force. The Commission is particularly interested in applicants with diverse professional experience and backgrounds in broadband, telecommunications, broadcast, and technology infrastructure deployment and adoption. Nominations and recommitments from current Task Force members must be submitted to the Commission no later than May 15, 2014.

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