Equipment Authorization NPRM to Restrict TCBs & Test Labs Adopted Unanimously


The FCC has unanimously adopted a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (NPRM) proposing new rules aimed at ensuring that telecommunications certification bodies (TCBs) and measurement facilities (test labs) that participate in the FCC’s equipment authorization program are not influenced by untrustworthy entities that have been found to pose national security concerns.  The new proceeding would permanently prohibit entities that are on the FCC’s “Covered List” from playing any role in the agency’s equipment authorization program.  Such prohibition would be triggered by a 10% threshold for any lab or TCB of direct or indirect ownership or control by any entity on the Covered List.  TCBs and test labs would also be subject to a 5% threshold for reporting purposes. The Commission also seeks comment on whether and how it should consider national security determinations made in connection with other Executive Branch agency lists in establishing eligibility qualifications for FCC recognition of a TCB or a test lab for equipment authorization purposes. 

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