FCC Adopts First Comprehensive “Communications Marketplace Report”


The FCC has adopted its first ever “Communications Marketplace Report.” After Congress passed RAY BAUM’S Act of 2018, the Commission was tasked with streamlining agency reporting to Congress. Specifically, the agency was tasked with eliminating or materially modifying 10 annual or biennial competition reports typically delivered to Congress and re-aggregating that content into a single, comprehensive report. The Communications Marketplace Report provides: (1) increased transparency; (2) a holistic overview of competition across various marketplaces, including mobile wireless, fixed broadband, audio, video, and satellite; (3) an assessment of the state of deployment of communications capabilities; (4) an assessment of barriers to competitive entry, including market entry barriers for entrepreneurs and other small businesses; (5) a compilation of geographic areas that are not served by any provider of advanced telecommunications capabilities; (6) a description of the Commission’s actions to address challenges and opportunities in the communications marketplace during the previous two years; and (7) a discussion of the Commission’s agenda for continuing to address those challenges and opportunities over the next two years.

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