FCC Adopts New Rules for 12 GHz Band


The FCC has adopted new rules to preserve spectrum in the 12.2-12.7 GHz band for current and future advanced satellite broadband use while also evaluating how to promote advanced terrestrial broadband use in the rest of the band.  In the 12.2 GHz band, the Commission has declined to authorize two-way, high-powered terrestrial mobile use because of the significant risk of harmful interference to services in the satellite broadband market.  The Commission is also seeking comment on other potential changes that would expand the efficient use of the band, including for terrestrial fixed use or unlicensed use. 

Additionally, in the 12.7 GHz band, the FCC has proposed to repurpose some or all of the band for mobile broadband or other expanded use.  The Commission is requesting comment on potential options for relocating, grandfathering, and/or repacking incumbent non-federal licensees, and other approaches that would utilize sharing methodologies among incumbents and new entrants. 

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