FCC Affirms Disqualification of Rural Broadband Experiments Provisional Winners



The FCC has denied an application for review and two petitions for reconsideration filed by three companies that sought rural broadband experiment support: Worldcall Interconnect, Inc. (WCX), AirNorth Communications, Inc. (AirNorth), and Michael D. Donnell d/b/a San Joaquin Broadband (SJB).  After being selected as provisional winners of rural broadband experiment support, WCX, AirNorth and SJB sought Commission review/reconsideration of a Wireline Competition Bureau (Bureau) order denying their respective petitions for waiver of the financial qualification requirements established by the Commission for winners of support.  Specifically, WCX sought a waiver asking the Bureau to accept the submission of audited financial statements 44 days after the deadline for such submissions.  AirNorth and SJB asked the Bureau to accept financial showings that did not include audited financial statements.  The Commission concluded that strict enforcement by the Bureau of the rural broadband experiment requirements was appropriate.

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