FCC Amends E-Rate Program Rules for Participants Submitting Reimbursement Claims


The Federal Communications Commission (FCC or Commission) has adopted an Order amending its rules to provide for a more efficient and flexible administration of the E-Rate program.  E-Rate applicants and service providers are now permitted up to 120 days to submit invoices after Universal Service Administrative Company (USAC) issues a Revised Funding Commitment Decision Letter regarding a previously denied or reduced funding request.  Additionally, the Commission also extended the relief provided for in the 2018 Invoicing Relief Order to applicants and service providers whom were unable to invoice while awaiting a post-commitment decision from USAC.  Lastly, E-Rate participants will have a one-time opportunity to now seek waiver of untimely submissions of invoices because they were awaiting a post-commitment decision.  These filings must demonstrate good cause to waive the current 60-day waiver filing deadline.

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