FCC Announces 180-Day Freeze on Applications for New or Modified Applications for the 12.7 GHz Band


The FCC’s International, Public Safety and Homeland Security, Media, and Wireless Telecommunications Bureau (Bureaus) have announced a 180-day freeze on the filling of new or modification applications in the 12.7-12.75 GHz and 12.75-13.250 GHz band (collectively, the 12.7 GHz band) for: (1) fixed satellite service (FSS) space stations serving earth stations located in the United States; (2) FSS earth stations; (3) broadcast auxiliary services; (4) cable television relay service; and (5) fixed microwave service stations.  Effective September 19, 2022, the temporary freeze is intended to preserve the authorized operations in the 12.7 GHz band as the Commission evaluates potential spectrum management and planning options that may lead to more effective and efficient use of this spectrum. 

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