FCC Announces Funding Allocations for Supply Chain Reimbursement Program


The FCC has released a Public Notice announcing the funding allocations for each approved applicant in the Supply Chain Reimbursement Program.  The FCC has determined that approximately $4.6 billion is needed to reimburse all of the applicants’ reasonable cost estimates.  Given this demand, FCC Chairwoman sent a letter to Congress asking it to quickly fill the funding gap, approximately $3.08 billion, to ensure that all applicants receive their full funding allocation.  Since, the FCC currently only has $1.895 billion appropriated for this program, each applicant will only receive approximately 39.5 percent of its approved allocation at this time.

Now equipped with their funding allocations, applicants will be able to submit reimbursement claim requests once their actual costs are incurred.  Applicants must submit at least one reimbursement claim request within one year of receiving their funding allocation.

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