FCC Denies STIR/SHAKEN Implementation Deadline Extension Requests of Small Voice Service Providers


The FCC has adopted an Order denying multiple small voice providers’ waiver requests seeking an extension of the STIR/SHAKEN implementation deadline.  Facilities-based small voice service providers were required to fully implement the STIR/SHAKEN call authentication framework in the IP portions of their voice networks by June 30, 2023.  Multiple small voice service providers filed waiver petitions seeking an extension of this deadline mainly reasoning that they have faced unforeseen technical obstacles, outside of their control, that have impeded their ability to implement STIR/SHAKEN.

In denying the waiver requests, the Commission reasoned that in previously granting a two-year extension of the deadline for small voice service providers, it was considering any potential issues related to resources, costs and time to implement for smaller providers.  The Commission added that nothing in the waiver requests supports that the circumstances were unique or unforeseeable.

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