FCC Enforcement Bureau Informs All U.S.-Based Providers of Suspected Unlawful Robocalls Transmitting from One Owl Telecom Inc.


The FCCs Enforcement Bureau has released a Public Notice informing all U.S.-based voice providers about considerable amounts of apparently unlawful robocalls originating from One Owl Telecom Inc.  The Bureau has issued a cease-and-desist letter to One Owl instructing it to: (1) investigate the illegal robocall traffic; (2) mitigate the identified traffic; (3) implement safeguards to prevent the use of the network for unlawful robocalls; (4) within 48 hours inform the Bureau and Traceback Group of the steps taken to mitigate illegal traffic; and (5) within 14 days, report again to the Bureau and Traceback Group with a review of the steps taken to block illegal robocalls. 

If the Bureau determines that One Owl either failed to respond to the cease-and-desist letter, has an insufficient response, or is deemed to be allowing similar traffic onto a U.S. network, then the Bureau will issue a Final Determination Order and require all U.S.-based voice service providers to block One Owl’s traffic.

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