FCC Establishes FirstNet Review Process for State Plans


The FCC has adopted a report and order establishing the standards and procedures it will use to review the various state plans proposed for the design and deployment and management of the FirstNet nationwide network. Specifically, the report and order addresses: (1) the timeline for States to provide notification of their opt-out decisions and file plans with the FCC; (2) information States should include in their plans to demonstrate compliance with the statutory criteria for interoperability with FirstNet’s network; (3) some of the technical criteria and standards that the FCC will use in evaluating state plans; (4) the FCC’s review process, including participation by interested parties, treatment of confidential information, and the timing of FCC action; and (5) the FCC’s process for documenting its decisions to approve or disapprove state plans. Additionally, in light of recent filings by FirstNet in PS Docket No. 12-269, the report and order direct the FCC’s Public Safety and Homeland Security Bureau to issue a public notice seeking comment on one remaining element of the FCC’s review standard, after which the FCC will issue an order on that element.

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