FCC Extends MDRI Compliance Deadlines


The FCC has adopted an Order on Reconsideration reconsidering portions of its previously adopted 2022 Resilient Networks Report and Order in response to a Petition for Reconsideration filed by CTIA and the Competitive Carriers Association.  The 2022 Order required each facilities-based mobile wireless provider to enter into bilateral roaming agreements with all other facilities-based mobile wireless providers from which it may foreseeably request roaming privileges when the Mandatory Disaster Response Initiative is active. Large and small carriers were given different compliance deadlines.

As part of this Order on Reconsideration, the FCC extended the compliance deadline for all carriers to May 1, 2024.  The Commission declined to publish and maintain a list of providers subject to the MDRI and declined to make an FCC contact available when the MDRI is active.  The FCC will instead rely on its routine public notice process.

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