FCC Order Modifies Temporary Freeze on 900 MHz Band


The Federal Communications Commission (FCC or Commission) has adopted an Order modifying a temporary freeze on the acceptance of certain applications related to land mobile radio services operating in the 900 MHz band. The modification, as requested by Anterix, will allow incumbent site-based licensees of frequencies in the 897.5-900.5 MHz/936.5-939.5 MHz band (proposed broadband segment) to modify their licenses to exchange those frequencies for an equal or smaller number of frequencies in the 896-897.5/935-936.5 MHz and/or 900.5-901/939.5-940 MHz (narrowband operations segments) at the same location(s) and with equal or smaller spectral and geographic coverage. Applications will be granted on the condition that applicants cancel their frequencies in the proposed broadband segment within 180 days after grant of the application.

The Commission hopes this modification will provide greater flexibility for 900 MHz band incumbents and preserve the current landscape in the 900 MHz band while the Commission considers rule changes in the 900 MHz band.

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