FCC Pushes to Revoke Authorizations to China Telecom Americas, Other Government-Backed Operators


The FCC has issued separate Orders to Show Cause against four telecommunications companies that are ultimately owned or controlled by the Chinese government:  China Telecom Americas, China Unicom Americas, Pacific Networks, and ComNet.  The four orders direct the companies to explain why the Commission should abstain from revoking their domestic and international section authorizations which allow them to operate in the United States.  The four carriers have 30 days to demonstrate that they are not in fact controlled by the Chinese government, that they continue to be qualified to hold section 214 authorizations and International Signaling Point Codes, and that public convenience and necessity is served by their retention of the authorizations and assignments.  In 2019, the FCC rejected China Mobile USA’s application to do business in the U.S. and provide international telecommunications services between the U.S. and foreign destinations.

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