FCC Restricts Building Access in Light of Coronavirus


The Federal Communications Commission (FCC or Commission) has announced that, given the ongoing increase in documented COVID-19 cases internationally and domestically, visitors will not be able to enter any FCC facilities if they have, during the most recent 14 days, been in a country that is subject to a COVID-19-related CDC Level 3 Travel Warning. The current countries subject to such travel warning are China, Iran, Italy, and South Korea. Employees and contractors are similarly asked to not enter any FCC facilities.

Furthermore, the FCC is suspending indefinitely non-critical FCC domestic and international travel and non-critical large gatherings of participants from across the country and/or world. The Chairman’s Office, in consultation with the Public Safety and Homeland Security Bureau, the Office of Managing Director, and Office of General Counsel, will continue to monitor developments and take appropriate action.

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