FCC Votes to Evaluate Repurposing 12.7 GHz Band for Next-Gen Wireless


On October 27, the FCC voted to initiate a proceeding to evaluate repurposing up to 550 MHz of new mid-band spectrum in the 12.7 to 13.25 GHz band (12.7 GHz band) for next-generation wireless services.  The Notice of Inquiry specifically seeks information on: (1) how the Commission could encourage more exhaustive and efficient use of the band; (2) whether and how to provide opportunities for new uses while protecting incumbents; (3) methodologies that foster coexistence or sharing between incumbents and new entrants; (4) whether current incumbents should be relocated to furnish more intensive use of the band; (5) potential licensing approaches; and (6) the protection level that new entrants would have to provide incumbent services in adjacent bands. 

The Commission has also extended the 180-day freeze on filing new or modified applications in the 12.7 GHz band pending the outcome of the new proceeding. 

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