House Reps Concerned with Delays in RDOF Funding Disbursement


Nineteen members of the House have signed a letter requesting an update from Acting Chairwoman Jessica Rosenworcel on the status of the long-form application review process for the Rural Digital Opportunity Fund (RDOF).  The representatives expressed their concern that nine months have passed since the close of the auction and yet funds have not been disbursed, leaving many Americans without essential broadband.  Specifically, the letter requested information on how many long-form applications have been approved or denied, whether funds would be authorized by the end of 2021, and how funds will be distributed.

The House members asked that Acting Chairwoman Rosenworcel provide an update on the RDOF long-form application review process by October 27, 2021.  Subsequent to the letter, the FCC announced yesterday that it is ready to authorize $163,895,636 to 42 providers in the second round of RDOF funding.

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