Sprint and T-Mobile Petition for Reconsideration of FCC’s Spectrum Holdings Policies


Sprint and T-Mobile have individually filed petitions for reconsideration of the Commission’s spectrum holdings policies. T-Mobile asks the FCC to reconsider the amount of reserved spectrum adopted for the 600 MHz Incentive Auction.  T-Mobile argues that a reserve of at least half of the recovered 600 MHz spectrum, depending on how much spectrum is cleared in a particular PEA, would promote competition among four nationwide providers and local and regional players.  However, it argues that if the Commission keeps the reserved spectrum at a maximum of 30 MHz, it should slow down the decrease in reserved spectrum in areas with lower spectrum clearing levels.  T-Mobile also asks the Commission to reconsider basing the reserved trigger on a price/MHz-POP threshold.   Sprint asks the FCC to reconsider adopting weighting for the spectrum screen by giving less weight to 2.5 GHz holdings, for which Sprint holds licenses, and more weight to below 1-GHz-low-band spectrum holdings.

Oppositions to the petitions will be due 15 days after the date the public notice of the petitions has been published in the Federal Register, which has not yet occurred.  Replies will be due 10 days later.

For additional information, please contact Tara Shostek.

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