Waiver Sought to Use Actual Revenues to Calculate Rates and Recovery


Great Plains Communications (Great Plains) in Nebraska has petitioned the FCC for a rule waiver that would allow Great Plains to use actual switched access revenues rather than National Exchange Carrier Association (NECA) projected 2011-2012 interstate switched access revenue in determining Great Plains’ rate change factor for its 2017-2018 switched access rates as it exits the NECA pools and eligible recovery amounts. Without the requested relief, Great Plains argues that it will experience a 150% increase in its switched access rates (amounting to $2.8 million annually) and elimination of most of its existing Connect America Fund-Intercarrier Compensation support. Great Plains has argued, among other things, that the vastness of its service territory contributed to the inaccuracy of NECA’s projected data. Comments on Great Plains’ petition are due July 31, 2017 with reply comments by August 15, 2017.

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