WCB Conducts Evaluation of STIR/SHAKEN Implementation Extensions


Pursuant to Section 64.6304(f) of the FCC’s rules, each year the Wireline Competition Bureau (Bureau) must evaluate the implementation of caller identification authentication technology and the scope of STIR/SHAKEN implementation extensions granted by the FCC.  The Bureau has declined to extend the facilities-based small voice service provider extension beyond June 30, 2023. The Commission has also declined to modify the extension for voice service providers that are unable to obtain the Service Provider Code (SPC) because the extension remains necessary and there may be voice service providers that are unable to obtain an SPC token. 

Consequently, the extension for facilities-based small voice service providers will expire on June 30, 2023. After this date, voice service providers that are capable of implementing STIR/SHAKEN must do so. The Commission believes that this date will represent a crucial step towards widespread STIR/SHAKEN implementation.

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