WTB Announces Implementation of 3.7 GHz Relocation Payment Incremental Reduction Plan


The Federal Communications Commission’s Wireless Telecommunications Bureau (WTB) has announced its implementation of the FCC’s incremental reduction plan for Phase I Accelerated Relocation Payments (ARP) relating to the ongoing transition of the 3.7 GHz band.  The Commission’s 3.7 GHz Report and Order established that new 3.7 GHz Service licensees would reimburse the reasonable, actual relocation costs for incumbent earth and space station operators and Fixed Service licensees to transition out of the band.

WTB had previously issued a Public Notice seeking comment on a proposed approach for calculating an incremental reduction for an eligible space station operator’s ARP due to its failure to meet the 3.7 GHz Phase I Accelerated Relocation Deadline. 

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