WTB Grants Waiver to Tolowa Dee-ni’ Nation to Treat Specified Off-Reservation Lands as Eligible Within the Rural Tribal Priority Window


The Wireless Telecommunications Bureau has granted the Tolowa Dee-ni’ Nation (TDN) a waiver allowing specified “off-reservation” lands to be treated as eligible Tribal lands for purposes of the Rural Tribal Priority Window for licensing of the 2.5 GHz band.  

Eligible tribes may only obtain licenses through the Rural Tribal Priority Window for Tribal reservation lands as defined by section 27.1204(b)(2) of the commission’s rules; this definition excludes off-reservation trust lands owned by tribes.  The Commission granted the requested waiver with respect to two sections of reservation-adjacent non-Tribal but Tribe-owned land because these parcels of land were deemed to be uniquely interspersed with qualifying Tribal lands, and because granting the petition furthers the overall goals of the Rural Tribal Priority Window.  

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