Auction 903 Ends with $1.5B of CAF Phase II Support; Long-Form Application Deadlines Set


The FCC has officially announced the close of the CAF Phase II (CAF-II) auction (Auction 903) and established filing deadlines for long-form applications (FCC Form 683). Overall, there were 103 winning bidders for $1.488 billion of 10-year support to bring broadband to over 700,000 locations in 45 states.  Most CAF-II commitments were for 100 Mbps or better speeds, and virtually all are for 25 Mbps or better speeds.  Form 683 has a series of deadlines for various deliverables, but the first deadline applicable to all winning bidders is October 15, 2018.  Additionally, certain winning bidders such as consortia or parent companies that bid on behalf of member or subsidiary companies will need to make a special filing by September 14, 2018 in order to divide up winning bids among the member or subsidiary companies, which in turn would become the applicants.  Auction 903 result information and map data is available on the FCC’s website.

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