CBRS Transition Deadline is Here


The Wireless Telecommunications Bureau (Bureau) has reminded Part 90 licensees in the 3650-3700 MHz band that they are required to transition to the Citizen Broadband Radio Service (CBRS) under Part 96 by October 17, 2020. Such licensees were originally required to transition to CBRS by April 17, 2020; however, the Bureau extended the deadline to October 17, 2020, due to COVID19. Absent a grant of a further extension, any licensee with this transition deadline is required to complete the transition to Part 96 operations or cease operating at non-transitioned sites by October 17, 2020, regardless of when its license terminates. If a licensee has failed to timely transition, then the licensee’s sites are no longer authorized, protected contours are no longer authorized, and Spectrum Access System (SAS) Administrators are asked to report any unauthorized use of the 3650-3700 MHz band if an interference situation cannot be addressed between parties. The Bureau also granted limited extensions of time to licensees who filed waiver requests and demonstrated that they had ordered equipment but faced delays due to COVID19, or they were impacted by natural disaster including wildfires and hurricanes. The Bureaus granted extensions until December 16, 2020, for some licensees, and February 14, 2021 for others depending on the facts.

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