FCC Adopts Procedures for Auction 103 (37, 39, 47 GHz) Starting December 10, 2019


The FCC has adopted a Public Notice establishing the procedures for the third auction (Auction 103) of high-band, flexible-use licenses suitable for 5G. Among other things, the Public Notice: (1) adopts bidding procedures for the clock and assignment phases of Auction 103, which are largely consistent with the procedures used in Auction 102 (24 GHz); and (2) adopts bidding credit caps of $25 million for small business and $10 million for rural service providers. In the last few months, the Commission has taken numerous steps to prepare for Auction 103, including establishing the timeline leading up to Auction 103, re-configuring the 39 GHz Band, and accommodating federal/military needs in the 37 GHz Band.

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