FCC Affirms $25,000 Fine Against Part 90 Licensee for Monopolizing Shared Spectrum and Causing Interference


The FCC has denied an appeal of Mobile Relay Associates (MRA) of a $25,000 fine imposed by the Enforcement Bureau (EB) for repeatedly failing to share a channel with other licensees. MRA disputed the EB’s findings that it improperly monopolized use of a shared wireless communications channel, failed to monitor the channel to detect possible interference, and caused interference to co-channel licensees. MRA is licensed to operate on Part 90 land mobile frequencies in Malibu, California, and is required to share certain channels. Based on interference complaints of other licensees, the EB investigated and found that MRA operated on its shared channel 95% of the time and failed to employ monitoring equipment to prevent interference. The EB warned MRA to change its behavior, and because it did not, the EB imposed the fine. The FCC affirmed the EB’s decision and demands payment of the fine.

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