FCC BDC Task Force Announces August BDC Technical Workshops


The FCC’s Broadband Data Task Force has announced a series of four technical workshops on August 4, 9, 18, and 23 to assist Broadband Data Collection filers who are submitting broadband availability data.  Each workshop will focus on a particular topic. The topics are as follows: (1) how to access and use the Broadband Location Fabric dataset; (2) preparing and submitting fixed availability data; (3) preparing and submitting mobile availability data; and (4) using the BDC system and common error codes.

To register for a workshop, interested parties should send an email to BDCwebinar@fcc.gov indicating their desire to participate and which workshops they would like to attend.

Those required to file in the BDC portal must do so by the September 1 deadline.

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