FCC Denies Traffic Pumping Petition for Reconsideration


The Federal Communications Commission (FCC or Commission) has denied Iowa Network Services d/b/a Aureon Network Services’s (Aureon) Petition for Reconsideration that objected to the Commission’s decision to adopt the Access Arbitrage Order. The Access Arbitrage Order was the Commission’s response to the wasteful access stimulation schemes that ensured that interexchange carriers (IXCs) would pay high tandem switching charges to access stimulating local exchange carriers (LECs) and the intermediate access providers chosen by those LECs. Specifically, Aureon argued that the Commission should have either banned access stimulation or required consumers, who placed calls with access stimulating LECs, to pay their IXCs an additional charge for each call. The Commission denied Aureon’s petition as procedurally defective and inadequate on its merits.

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