FCC Provides Guidance on Implementation of New Broadband Privacy Rules


The FCC has outlined the effective dates and provided guidance on the implementation of the new broadband privacy rules adopted in the 2016 broadband privacy order. The new rules protect the privacy of customers of Broadband Internet Access Service (BIAS) and other telecommunications services. A summary of the 2016 Privacy Order was published in the Federal Register on December 2, 2016, triggering the implementation time-line with some of the new rules becoming effective on January 3, 2017. In a Public Notice released December 14, 2016, the FCC provides various effective dates for the new rules and clarifies the responsibilities of telecommunications carriers and interconnected VoIP providers that are subject to the existing CPNI rules during the staggered implementation of the new rules. Specifically, those providers subject to the existing CPNI rules must continue to comply with the substance of those rules until the new rules are effective; however, as of January 3, 2017, the annual CPNI certification of compliance will no longer be required.

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