FCC Provides Guidance to Selected Participants of the Connected Care Pilot Program


The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has issued an order providing selected participants of the Connected Care Pilot Program (Program) with the requirements for participation which will allow them to begin Program projects. The Program will provide $100 million of support from the Universal Service Fund (USF) over a three-year funding period for selected projects, and participants will receive universal service support to offset 85% of the cost of eligible services and equipment. Program participants must pay the remaining 15% of the costs from eligible sources, which include the applicant, participating patients, or state, federal, or Tribal funding or grants. Selected participants must also pay the costs of any ineligible expenses and seek competitive bids for the eligible services for which they intend to seek Program support. The FCC received more than 200 Program applications from providers whose patients lack sufficient Internet for connected care, or whose systems are inadequate to meet increased demand. The FCC’s order provides guidance on eligible services and network equipment, information about the competitive bidding process, funding requests, funding commitments, changes to projects, and the reimbursement process.

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