FCC Revokes China Unicom’s Authority to Operate in U.S.


The FCC has adopted an Order barring China Unicom (Americas) Operations Limited (China Unicom) from providing domestic interstate and international telecommunications services within the U.S., effective within sixty days following the release of the Order, which has not yet occurred.  The Commission determined that based on input from Executive Branch agencies and the public record that China Unicom has failed to dispel serious concerns regarding the influence and control of the Chinese government on China Unicom.  Due to the significant national security risks, the Commission concluded that it was no longer in the public interest for China Unicom to hold its section 214 authority to provide telecommunications services in the U.S.

To assist U.S. customers that will be transitioning to other providers, the Commission will release a consumer guide, after the Order is released, to explain the repercussions of this Order and direct consumers to other options for mobile service providers.

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