FCC Seeks Comment on NECA Common Line and Special Access Rates for 2018


The FCC’s Wireline Competition Bureau has released a public notice seeking comment on the National Exchange Carrier Association, Inc.’s (NECA) proposed revisions to the currently effective common line and special access average schedule formulas (2017 Interim Revisions) and to those same formulas for the next year (2018 Further Modifications). NECA proposes that the 2017 Interim Revisions be effective from January 1, 2018 through June 20, 2018, and that the 2018 Further Modifications be effective July 1, 2018 and last through June 20, 2019.  NECA claims the modifications are required because of requirements included in the 2017 Tax Cut and Jobs Act recently passed by Congress and signed into law by President Trump.  Specifically, the new tax laws will result in a decrease of about 0.5% on the two applicable rate schedules.   Comments are due Thursday, April 26, 2018 and reply comments are due Friday, May 11, 2018.

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