FCC to Nationwide Wireless Carriers: Report on Signal Boosters by March 9, 2016


The FCC has released a public notice reminding the country’s nationwide wireless operators that each service provider is required to file with the Commission a status report on which commercially-available, consumer “signal boosters” they have approved for use on their respective networks. On February 20, 2013, the Commission released its Signal Booster Report and Order (Order) in which it adopted new technical, operational and registration requirements for consumer signal boosters. The Order also mandates that consumers obtain prior written “consent” from a wireless operator before activating and using a signal booster, even if that signal booster is already FCC type certified.  Additionally, the Order requires the country’s four nationwide wireless operators to file with the FCC on or before March 9, 2016 a public certification that for each FCC-approved signal booster listed in the exhibit to the public notice the carrier either:  (a) consents to the use of the signal booster; (b) does not consent to the use of the signal booster; or (c) is still considering whether or not it will consent to the use of the signal booster.

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