Installment Payment Waiver Request Denied for Fourth Time in a Row


The FCC has denied GLH Communications, Inc. (GLH)’s petition to reconsider previously rejected requests by several parties, including GLH, for waiver of section 1.2110 of the Commission’s installment payment rules.  The Order on Reconsideration is the FCC’s fourth consecutive rejection of GLH’s attempts to avoid the consequences of its failure to pay installment obligations.  GLH’s unpaid installment obligations arise from four broadband Personal Communications Services (PCS) C block licenses that it acquired in 2001.  Installment payments for the four licenses were due on January 31, 2003.  GLH’s request for a two-year extension of that deadline was rejected in July 2003, and its petition for reconsideration of that rejection was denied by the Wireless Telecommunications Bureau (Bureau) in 2007.  GLH filed a petition seeking reversal of the Bureau’s denial, which the Commission also denied in 2010.  In reaffirming its 2010 denial, the FCC found GLH’s claims to be “wholly without merit.”

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