Kansas Farm Bureau Granted Waiver to Participate as Challenger in MF-II Challenge Process


The FCC’s Auctions and Spectrum Access Division (Division) has granted Kansas Farm Bureau (KFB) a waiver to participate as a challenger in the Mobility Fund Phase II (MF-II) challenge process, subject to its certification to compliance with the requirements of the MF-II challenge process. In the MF-II Challenge Process Order, the FCC limited challengers to government entities (state, local, and Tribal) and service providers who file Form 477 data with the FCC because it determined that these entities are most likely able to provide data relevant to a challenge. The FCC will allow other entities to participate as a challenger where they demonstrate good cause by showing a bona fide interest in the challenge process and a plausible ability to submit a valid challenge. KFB asserted that that it has a bona fide interest in the challenge process because it promotes reliable 4G LTE service throughout Kansas as a not-for-profit organization working to strengthen crucial communications service for Kansans, including farmers and ranchers who rely on such service for agricultural needs and emergency services. KFB also asserted it has a plausible ability to submit the data necessary to support a valid challenge through information provided by its members located across the state.

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