NTIA Releases Digital Equity Capacity Grant Program NOFO


The NTIA has released a Notice of Funding Opportunity for the Digital Equity Capacity Grant Program that opens the application process for states and territories to apply for funding to implement their digital equity plans.  The digital equity plans identify barriers to accessing and using digital resources as well as establish measurable objectives for promoting broadband access.  States and territories have been issued a funding allocation, which in total adds up to approximately $811 million.  Native entities will be able to apply for digital equity funding on a competitive basis later this year.

States, including the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico, must submit their applications by May 28, 2024, while U.S. Territories, other than Puerto Rico, must submit their application by July 31, 2024.  Furthermore, the application window for native entities will open on September 25, 2024, and close on February 7, 2025.

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