Simington Appointments Advisors, Confidential Assistant, and Staff Assistant


Federal Communications Commission (Commission or FCC) Commissioner Nathan Simington has appointed several advisors to his staff including Carolyn Roddy, Erin Boone, and Adam Cassady.  Roddy will serve as the Commissioner’s chief of staff and senior legal advisor for wireline issues.  She previously served as Deputy Assistant Secretary of Communications and Information at the National Telecommunications and Information Administration.  She has also previously served as Senior Rural Broadband Advisor at the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Rural Utilities Service.  Boone has been appointed as the wireless advisor and most recently served as Deputy Division Chief in the Wireless Telecommunications Bureau’s Competition and Infrastructure Division.  Cassady will serve as media advisor.  Before joining the Commission, he cofounded a technology firm called Tyche.  Simington also appointed to his office Michael Sweeney to serve as the Commissioner’s confidential assistant and Carlos Minnix to serve as staff assistant.

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