Trade Associations Seek Rulemaking Proceeding to Simplify FCC Requirements for Pro Forma Transactions


The FCC has released a Public Notice seeking comments on a Petition for Rulemaking and Declaratory Ruling jointly filed by CTIA-The Wireless Association (CTIA) and USTelecom (Petitioners). The Petitioners ask that the FCC initiate a rulemaking proceeding to simplify the filing requirements for pro forma assignment and transfer of control applications. The Petitioners request that the FCC amend its rules to remove the prior approval requirement for all pro forma transactions that are subject to such procedures. The Petitioners also propose that the FCC deem all pro forma applications as in the public interest and subject to a 30-day post-closing notification process regardless of the license type. In short, the Petitioners seek to streamline and clarify the FCC’s pro forma application processing procedures to reduce burdens on licensees, and eliminate the patchwork of rules regarding pro forma transactions for various types of licenses. Comments are requested by July 24, 2020, and reply comments by August 10, 2020.

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