FCC Approves Schlage Ultrawideband Waiver


The FCC has granted a request by Schlage Lock Company LLC (Schlage) to waive the FCC’s rules governing ultrawideband (UWB) devices.  Under these rules, UWB devices must be handheld while operating and antennas mounted on outdoor infrastructure are prohibited.  The Schlage locking system provides secure entry to locked spaces by using UWB with traditional Bluetooth technology.  Schlage sought a waiver of these rules because UWB locks and readers will be installed on residential entranceways and doors.

The FCC has concluded that Schlage has demonstrated that its locking system will not create the type of wide-area communications system that the Commission was concerned may cause harmful interference to authorized users of the band when it adopted the UWB rules.  Thus, the Commission has found that there is good cause to waive the FCC’s rules to permit the certification, marketing, and operation of Schlage’s UWB lock devices, subject to certain conditions. 

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