FCC Grants Multiple Reimbursement Program Completion Deadline Extension Requests


The FCC has issued a Public Notice granting multiple completion deadline extension requests related to the FCC’s Secure Networks Act Reimbursement Program.  The Reimbursement Program requires program participants to complete their removal, replacement, and disposal of unsecure equipment and services within one year of receiving program funds.  Program recipients are permitted to request an unlimited number of individual extensions, up to six months, claiming that, due to no fault of their own, they were unable to timely complete the process.

Extension requests were filed by and granted to Advantage Cellular Systems, Inc., James Valley Cooperative Telephone Company, NE Colorado Cellular Inc., Panhandle Telecommunication Systems Inc., Stealth Communications, LLC, TRANSTELCO Inc., and United Wireless Communications, Inc.  The FCC granted the filed extension requests, reasoning that lack of full funding and supply chain issues have impacted the entities’ ability to meet their completion deadline.

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