FCC Incentive Auction Task Force Releases Auction Update and Timeline


During the January 30, 2014 open meeting at the FCC, the Broadcast Incentive Auction Task Force updated the Commission on the timeline and project plan for the Incentive Auction.  A copy of the Task Force’s presentation is available here.  The Task Force anticipates the Commission will vote on an Incentive Auction Report and Order at the beginning of Spring, 2014.  The Report and Order will establish the Incentive Auction framework including technical rules, repacking procedures, the structure of the reorganized bandplan, processes for how the reverse and forward auctions will be integrated, as well as post-auction procedures, such as bid payment processing, broadcaster transition, reimbursement of transition costs and licensing and operating rules.  After adoption of the Report and Order, the Commission will, as it does with all auctions, release two additional public notices seeking comment on activity rules, price increments, application processes and detailed auction timelines.  The Task Force intends to continue engaging interested parties and will increase Broadcaster outreach and education to ensure broadcaster participation in the auction.  The Incentive Auction is currently schedule to begin in the middle of 2015 and the Task Force and the Commission are committed to ensuring the Incentive Auction only begins once the auction systems are technically-ready, user-friendly and thoroughly tested.

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