FCC Modifies Condition of Cellular South TTY Waiver


In December 2015, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) granted Cellular South a temporary, limited waiver of the FCC’s requirements to support text telephony (TTY) technology on wireless networks to the extent that they use Internet Protocol (IP) technologies. The waiver was granted subject to a number of conditions, one of which requires Cellular South to notify its customers within 30 days after the effective date of the waiver that: (1) TTY technology will not be supported for calls to 911 services over IP-based wireless services; and (2) there are alternative solutions for people with communication disabilities for such calls. Cellular South recently notified the FCC that it does not plan to commence the provision of IP-based wireless calling until the summer of 2016, and requested that the aforementioned condition become effective closer to the date it begins providing such services. The FCC agreed that a modification of the condition is appropriate. Cellular South now must comply with the condition beginning at least 20 days prior to the date it commences the provision of IP-based wireless calling services.

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