FCC Proposes Modifications to Supply Chain Reimbursement Rules


The FCC has voted to adopt a Third Further Notice of Proposed Rulemaking that seeks comment on proposals to modify the Secure and Trusted Network Reimbursement Program to align the rules with the Consolidated Appropriations Act of 2021, which appropriated $1.895 billion to fund the Reimbursement Program.  The proposals include: (1) expanding eligibility for the Reimbursement Program to advanced communications service providers with 10 million or fewer subscribers; (2) limiting reimbursement funds to costs related to the removal, replacement and disposal of Huawei and ZTE equipment and services; (3) allowing providers to be reimbursed for eligible equipment and services purchased before June 30, 2020; (4) revising the prioritization schedule for reimbursement allocations; and (5) expanding the definition of “advanced communications service provider” to include qualifying schools and libraries.

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