FCC Revises Part 20 Rules to Streamline Paperwork and Harmonize Requirements for Wireless Mobile Services


The FCC has adopted a Report and Order revising Part 20 of its rules to streamline paperwork requirements for certain wireless services and harmonize requirements for wireless licensees. With the increase in the use of wireless services for private mobile radio service (PMRS) operations, such as state/local governments using paging frequencies to support public safety operations, the FCC has eliminated the presumption that all Part 20 applicants intend to license their facilities as commercial mobile radio service (CMRS)operations. Licensees may now identify the nature and regulatory treatment of their mobile services based on how they use the spectrum, rather than based on the specific spectrum band used to provide such service. In so doing, the FCC eliminated an outdated/incomplete list of certain services meeting the statutory definition of CMRS and eliminated unnecessary filings that some licensees had to make to use spectrum for PMRS. By its action, the FCC hopes to reduce regulatory burdens and harmonize the regulatory treatment of mobile radio services for providers. This action is part of the FCC’s continued efforts to eliminate outdated rules and streamline paperwork requirements for wireless services.

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